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Burns for Congress

330 N. Wabash, 23rd Floor

Chicago, IL 60611


Constitutional Amendment to Fix Elections - The American system of government has no other mechanism to fix our broken elections except to pass a Constitutional Amendment making clear that Congress has the power to properly regulate elections.  Elections are the foundational structure of a republic, and ours are corrupted.  The Amendment will have the following features:

  1. It will empower Congress to regulate campaign finance, specifically by limiting or prohibiting corporate donations, and make clear that this change takes precedence over any first amendment concerns.

  2. It will empower Congress to draw district lines for U.S. Congress according to a predefined computer algorithm.  It will also deny financial assistance to any states that refuse to adopt similar district drawing techniques for local elections.

  3. It will impose Congressional term limits so that we don't have the same people trying to fix the problems they helped create.

Economic Freedom Agenda - We can’t expect people to thrive if they are economically crippled from taking any risk.  The most productive and inspiring thing about America is its entrepreneurial spirit.  This spirit drives our economy and our culture.  Entrepreneurship is about taking calculated risks, but our current system, which requires a person to take on insane amounts of debt to earn an education and takes away your healthcare if you leave a steady job, is stacked heavily against young entrepreneurs.  We risk missing out on the inventions, businesses, artwork, and vision of an entire generation unless we empower them to follow their dreams.  The Freedom Agenda includes:

  1. Medicare for All - Healthcare is a human right.  The insurance and drug companies have created a system that is ineffective, expensive, and overly complicated.  Patients routinely delay treatment because they can’t afford it and Doctors are often constrained by insurance companies based on a patients’ ability to pay.  We deserve better.  Medicare for all will free a generation of Americans from making decisions based on healthcare-related fear.

  2. Tax Reform - Taxes need to be simpler, and they need to be higher on top earners.  The capital gains tax needs to be increased so that working people are on the same footing as the 1%.  Tax breaks for oil and gas companies need to be removed immediately with savings applied to paying down government debt and encouraging investment in sustainable energy.  

  3. Student Debt Relief - The right to declare bankruptcy is enshrined in the constitution.  And yet politicians passed the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 which changed the bankruptcy code to make it nearly impossible to discharge student debt through bankruptcy.  This law needs to be reversed immediately so that students can start over with a clean slate.  We also need more mechanisms for loan forgiveness in exchange for public interest work.


Climate Agenda - The planet is dying and future generations will inherit an unlivable planet unless the climate crisis is addressed immediately and effectively.  This item is the most important on the list and is only listed last here because it cannot be achieved unless we fix our laws and set our population free first.  The climate crisis represents a global challenge of epic proportions.  It is a daunting task that will require collective world-wide action.  Luckily, there have been people working on this issue for decades, and as a result, there are already a number of technological, economic, and societal changes that we know can work.  The Climate Agenda includes the following:

  1. Remove all fossil fuel subsidies and institute a carbon tax.

  2. Provide government grants to research institutions and companies seeking to implement known solutions to climate change such as sustainable farming, clean energy, and green transportation.

  3. Invest heavily in advanced research related to efficient batteries, solar farms, wind turbines, reforestation, electric vehicles, and other proven technologies.

  4. Incentivize plant-based diets by taxing corporations in the meat industry that do not comply with sustainable farming practices.

  5. Build new nuclear plants and properly maintain existing ones to ensure a stable bridge to a clean energy future.


Revolutionary Engagement.  To be successful in the agenda outlined above will require the efforts of a wide variety of people with a wide variety of skills, talents, and beliefs.  I intend to build the world's most interactive campaign by leveraging technology to create a team where everyone has a voice to help shape decisions and influence strategy.  We will provide education, training, and organizing workshops throughout the district.  We will constantly gather feedback through the website and use that to inform our path going forward.  If you have never been a part of a political team before, this campaign is for you.  We are a group of regular people working together to build a better tomorrow.