A heartfelt thank you to our supporters.

First, we hope everyone is staying home and trying to keep healthy, both physically and mentally.

Second, thank you to all of our health care workers, first responders, and everyone working to support them. 

Third, as you know, we did not win the election.  Thank you to all of the local and remote volunteers who helped make the campaign happen.  Thank you to everyone who made a financial donation.  A special thank you to the voters in the 5th District of Illinois who came out to support Brian.  While second place in a two person race isn't bragging rights in itself, it was a successful accomplishment in many ways.  Here are a few: 

  • The grassroots campaign, that started with just family, grew to a team of almost 50 volunteers.  It's still 'just family' but the family is a lot bigger.

  • Through hard work and perseverance, Brian personally collected over 5,000 signatures to get on the ballot. 

  • By eagerly engaging with the community  through events, social media, volunteers  and word of mouth, Brian secured over 26,000 votes. 

  • All of Brian's donations were from individuals, and we thank every one of you.  We were able to open a very modest campaign office, buy campaign buttons, lawn signs, data and a few other minimal incidentals needed to run a campaign. 

  • The campaign gave voters in IL 5th Congressional District a choice when they went to the polls and every voter deserves choice.   

  • The campaign gave Brian a voice and he was successful in sharing progressive democratic values like universal health care coverage and the climate emergency with more people.

We hope that the campaign also gave people hope that there are millennials ready to lead both our district and our country. 


Please see Brian's concession message below.   

No podemos hacer esto sin ti:
El 5to Distrito del Congreso de Illinois merece una voz fuerte y progresiva.

Vote el 17 de marzo de 2020 por Brian Burns como su representante en Washington. Brian luchará por:


  • Abordar el cambio climático como una crisis,

  • Trabajar para asegurar Medicare para todos,

  • Lucha por un salario mínimo de $ 15 / hora,

  • Abogar por poner fin a las guerras interminables en Irak y Afganistán, y

  • Con su ayuda construirá el gobierno más receptivo de la historia.


Este es un momento crítico para nuestra democracia y no podemos conformarnos con medidas a medias. Debemos hacer #NoSmallPlans.


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